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Measurable indicators

А0 - initial indicator of the blood aggregation state at he themoment oftimet0
k=t2-t1 - time indicator of thrombinactivity
r=t1 - time of a contact phase of coagulation,min
ICC - intensity of a contact phase ofcoagulation
CTA - constant of thrombinactivity
TBC - time of bloodcoagulation
ICD - intensity of coagulationdrive
ICP - intensity of clotpolymerization
МА - maximum clotdensity
Т - time of formation of fibrin-platelet clot structure,min
ICLR - intensity of clot and lysisretraction

K – main indicator characterizing the start time of clot formation; depends on the concentration of the formed thrombin as well as antithrombin blood potential, concentration and functional full value of fibrinogen, factors of the pro-thrombin complex.
ICC – intensity of a contact phase of coagulation. The indicator characterizing pro- thrombin activity of blood, aggregation activity of platelets and other blood cells.
CTA – constant of thrombin activity; characterizes the speed of thrombin- formation growth, intensity of the proteoclastic stage of clot formation.
TBC – time of blood coagulation.
ICD – intensity of coagulation drive – the indicator characterizing integrative influence of pro- and anti-coagulation systems on the process (speed) of clot formation.

ICP – intensity of clot polymerization – the indicator characterizing the speed of connection of monomer molecules “side-to-side”, “end-to-end”, forming the net of fibrin with peptide formula.
МА – the indicator reflecting the aggregate blood state at the final stabilizing stage of clot formation. It reflects the completion of hemostasis by formation of covalent bonds under the influence of fXIII, characterizes structural flow properties of the clot (viscosity, density, plasticity).
Т – time of clot formation (constant of the total blood coagulation time).
ICLR – intensity of clot lysis and retraction. The indicator characterizing spontaneous clot lysis. It reflects intensity of the continuous process of hemocoagulation (CPH), the state of plasmin activity, quantity of cytogen structured into a clot, degree of liability of cytogen activators.